Roy Walters

Civil Designer

I commenced my career in the civil engineering field as a distinguished Instrument Technician at Surveys Inc. Within this role, I assumed responsibility for significant infrastructure projects such as major bridges and highway extensions. Subsequently, I pursued my academic endeavors at KCKCC, attaining an Associate of Arts degree in Civil Design, while extensively utilizing Autocad and MicroStation software. With a solid background in large-scale construction projects, I have amassed over two decades of experience, actively contributing to notable endeavors spanning from the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas to the Goldline transit system in Los Angeles, the Bart transit system in the Bay area, and the Mountaintop transit project in San Pedro.

Throughout my career, I have played an instrumental role in the creation and design of diverse developments, encompassing residential site planning as well as commercial ventures. My proficiencies extend to a wide array of industry-standard software applications, including Civil 3D and MicroStation InRoads, which I employ proficiently. Moreover, I hold certifications in ADA compliance (regarding disabilities) and GIS/GPS utilization (pertaining to coordinates), in addition to possessing expertise in designing broadband fiber-optic layouts and accessory dwelling units (ADUs). From initial grading to comprehensive production development, my expertise as a Civil Designer encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities.

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