The Responsibilities of a JDB Builders Residential Project Manager

As a residential project manager, you will oversee all aspects of a custom home build to ensure it is completed on time and within budget. Your project manager will work closely with you, the architect, and us to develop a comprehensive schedule for your custom home build.
Custom Home Builder Team
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As a residential project manager, you will oversee all aspects of a custom home build to ensure it is completed on time and within budget. Your responsibilities are many:

Developing and managing the master schedule for the entire build process. This includes coordinating with architects, engineers, contractors, and tradespeople. You will need to anticipate any potential delays and make adjustments to the schedule as needed.
Creating and monitoring the budget. You must get estimates and bids from contractors, review them for accuracy, and ensure costs do not exceed the budget. You will also review and approve all invoices and payments.
Facilitating communication between all parties. This includes conducting regular meetings, addressing any questions or concerns, and resolving any conflicts that may arise. You serve as the main point of contact for the homeowner as well.
Ensuring work is progressing and completed as expected. You will conduct frequent site visits to check on progress, quality, and compliance with plans and specifications. You must identify any deficiencies and see that they are promptly corrected.
Obtaining all necessary permits and inspections. You will coordinate with local authorities to acquire permits before work begins and schedule inspections at appropriate points. Securing the final certificate of occupancy is one of your most important tasks.

With diligence, organization, and effective communication, your residential project manager can steer a custom home build to a successful completion. Homeowners rely on your expertise and management skills to turn their dream home into a reality.

Managing the Team: Architects, Designers, Contractors, and Tradespeople

As a project manager for a custom home build, one of your most important responsibilities is managing the various teams involved in the construction process. This includes:

Architects: Work closely with the architects to ensure the design meets the client’s needs and budget. Provide feedback on constructability and costs. Review plans for accuracy and coordinate with contractors.
Designers: Liaise with interior designers, landscape architects, and other design professionals to guarantee a cohesive vision and smooth integration of their work. Address any issues with functionality or costs right away.
General contractors: Select reputable general contractors, get multiple bids, and choose the best value. Clearly define the scope of work, timeline and budget. Conduct regular site visits to check on progress and quality. Review and approve payments.
Subcontractors: Vet and hire specialized tradespeople and subcontractors. Make sure they understand the specifications of the job and have proper licensing and insurance. Monitor their work and address any problems to minimize delays or cost overruns.
Inspections: Arrange for mandatory inspections by the building department and other officials. Ensure any required remediation is completed properly. Obtain final approvals and certificates of occupancy.

With diligent oversight and open communication, our experienced project managers can coordinate these diverse teams to construct a custom home that meets the vision, budgetary constraints, and timeline set out by the client. Success depends on balancing the technical aspects of the build with maintaining positive working relationships. The project manager is instrumental in making the custom home-building process as seamless as possible for the client.

Staying on Time and on Budget: How Our Project Manager Keeps Custom Home Construction Efficient

Careful Planning and Scheduling

Your project manager will work closely with you, the architect, and us to develop a comprehensive schedule for your custom home build. They determine realistic timelines for each stage of construction, factoring in lead times for materials and potential delays. The PM also coordinates with subcontractors and suppliers to ensure they will be on-site when needed according to the schedule. With careful planning and scheduling, your project stays on time and on budget. She is in daily communication with our Director of Construction to see the project is moving as planned.

Constant Communication

The PM maintains open lines of communication with all parties involved in the build. They provide regular updates on progress and next steps, addressing any questions or concerns promptly. The PM also attends weekly meetings with subcontractors to identify any issues early on that could impact the schedule or budget. Clear and constant communication is key to keeping a complex custom home build running efficiently.

Cost Control and Change Management

An experienced PM tracks all costs and payments to ensure the budget is followed. If any changes are needed to the plans, the PM assesses the cost implications and works with you and the builder to find alternatives that won’t blow the budget. The PM approves all change orders before additional charges are incurred. With vigilant cost control and oversight of any changes, the PM helps avoid unexpected budget overruns that can happen in a custom build.

In summary, a residential project manager is instrumental in keeping your custom home build on time and budget through meticulous planning and scheduling, constant communication, and stringent cost control. Their oversight and coordination of all aspects of the construction process leads to an efficient build with fewer headaches and unexpected expenses for you.


As you embark on the journey of building your custom dream home with JDB Builders, our experienced residential project manager is one of the most important parts of the puzzle that leads to a successful home build. They are your advocate, ensuring your vision comes to life on time and on budget. Project managers handle the countless details and challenges, allowing you to remain focused on the exciting parts of the process. Thus, you can feel confident your home will be everything you imagined and more. The project manager is truly the key to a successful JDB Builders custom home build.

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